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Immigration laws and services are important to understand when wanting to visit or relocate to the UK. By visiting any of the blogs on this list can provide all necessary information on relocating to the UK and the laws and services needed.

DavidsonMorris Blog –

This blog is dedicated to providing guides and resources on most areas of UK immigration law. The blogger is a modern legal services provider with a wide focus on quality immigration advice to businesses, professionals, and individuals. The blog was established in 2016 in London.

Visa and Migration –

Visa and Migration are the leading UK immigration and human rights law specialists. They provide fast, friendly, and affordable service to those in need. They strive in helping their clients with UK visa applications.

They are one of the leading agencies helping people to move to the UK and have up to date knowledge on the various UK visas, including marriage and tourist visas.

Right to Remain –

Right to Remain stands as a national organisation working to build a strong movement for the right to remain in the UK. The organisation works with groups across the UK, supporting migrants and assisting them in establishing their right to remain in the UK with safety and humanity. They believe in challenging the unjust asylum/immigration system.

The SmartMove2UK Blog –

The Blog provides detailed information on UK immigration laws and inspiring UK immigration stories. You can also find the information provided by the experiences of immigration experts. They stand as a specialist immigration law firm helping those in need. They provide up to 2 posts each week on the blog.

Cross Border Legal –

Cross Border Legal is a leading immigration and human rights law specialist in the UK. Their company is registered with the Company house and regulated by the Solicitor Regulation Authority. They provide up to date information on UK Immigration.

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