Types of UK Visas - Types of UK Visas

Types of UK Visas

A UK Visa stands as the main authorising document providing access to the UK and the right to stay temporarily or as a permanent relocation. By receiving a Visa, you can enter the UK for various reasons, including work, business, studies, tourism, joining families, and more. Each visit has its type of Visa.

Visas have to be applied for at least 3 months before the date of the intended arrival. It’s wise to apply in due time as the Visa process can take up to 1 month.

Here we look at the different types of UK visas and the type of access they provide.

Student Visas

Types of UK Visas 1 - Types of UK Visas

Student Visas are provided in general and short-term student visa applications. The visas are issued to international students who want to study in the UK. These Visas have become quite popular due to many students wanting to study in the UK.

Tourist and Visiting Visas

Types of UK Visas 2 - Types of UK Visas

The UK is a popular tourism destination. Visiting the UK requires Visas which allows visitors to stay for short periods under 6 months. With this Visa, you are allowed to visit but not to work.

Work and Business Visas

Types of UK Visas 3 - Types of UK Visas

Work visas are granted to professionals from other countries wishing to work in the UK. This is not a permanent visa and should be updated and reapplied every couple of months. Some of the Work and business visas include Global Talent, General work, Company Transfer, and more.

Refugee Visa

Types of UK Visas 4 - Types of UK Visas

Refugee Visas are given to people who are about to enter the UK and are at the borders due to various reasons of having to leave their country. These visas are valid until the individual’s life is no longer threatened in their home country.

Transit Visas

The transit visa is given to foreigners who are not from the EEA and need to use the UK as a transit country to pass from one country to another to reach their destination.