An overview of Asylum in the UK - An overview of Asylum in the UK

An overview of Asylum in the UK

Refugees and Asylum seekers in the UK rely on state support due to the points-based system of Brexit, causing them not to be able to work for a living. This is causing major issues with housing and poverty. Charities are specifically set up to assist refugees and asylum seekers with legal and other immigrant services.

According to recent studies, statistics show that there were over 132 000 refugees and 77 000 asylum cases in the UK in 2020. Around 4 out of every 5 refugees stay in their region of displacement and consequently are hosted by developing countries.

An overview of Asylum in the UK 1 - An overview of Asylum in the UK

The most active host country is Turkey who hosts over 3.7 million asylum seekers and refugees. Columbia also hosts up to 1.7 million people.

The majority of adult refugees come from Iran. Other nationalities are also known to come from Eritrea, Albania, Iraq, and Syria.

Anybody who is seen as an asylum seeker is entered into a legal process of refugee status and has the right to seek asylum in another country. Most asylum seekers are not eligible to receive work in the UK and have to live from state support. Thus, creates poverty due to these refugees only receiving £5.64 a day for food and living expenses.

Many people get lost from their families due to a variety of situations which makes resettlement a viable option for refugees. Resettlement is the transfer of refugees from a country where they have sought asylum before, which is a state in their home country.

An overview of Asylum in the UK 2 - An overview of Asylum in the UK

This can provide people with the chance of seeing their families again and getting some support back towards liberty, health, and basic human rights.

Refugees can also be resettled in the UK with the Gateway Protection Programme, the Mandate Scheme, and the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme. In 2021, 1 171 refugees and asylum seekers have been resettled through these schemes providing them with a chance at a safer life.