Charities Assisting Refugees in the UK - Charities Assisting Refugees in the UK

Charities Assisting Refugees in the UK

Refugees in the UK face a variety of serious challenges and need assistance with the law, accommodation, and more. The charities listed in this article all have a passion and focus for assisting refugees in the UK with what they need.

The charities in this article are all dedicated to helping refugees and helping them not to ger wrongfully persecuted.

Refugee Action

Refugee Action has been fighting for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers since 1981. From 2019 through 2020, the organisations supported 875 people to rebuild their lives and stay in the UK and further helped another 3000 people to receive housing and essential services.

They play a key role in resettlement for families and fight to end the policies which can leave asylum seekers and refugees in destitution.

Charities Assisting Refugees in the UK 1 - Charities Assisting Refugees in the UK

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants challenges UK Laws and policies that work against migrants and discriminate against them. The organisations are seen as a major influential charity for change in how immigrant and refugee laws are being handled in the UK.

The campaign at grassroots and national levels while supporting vulnerable people with legal advice when in a challenging situation with the UK’s complicated asylum system.

British Red Cross

The British Red Cross is part of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. They support all individuals who are forced to flee their homes. They are one of the largest immigrant’s service providers in the UK and help over 30 000 people in need each year. They help refugees, asylum seekers, vulnerable migrants, and more.

They believe in standing up for the rights of vulnerable people through policy and advocacy work and believe in a more effective and fairer system being put in place.

NACCOM Network

NACCOM consists of more than 140 organisations across the UK fighting to end poverty and difficulties for refugees, asylum seekers and any person locked out of state support due to immigration.

They campaign for a fairer and more humane immigration system and wants to break barriers to secure housing for asylum seekers. They provide a lot of help and assistance to asylum seekers and immigrants in the UK facing problems with the UK system.

Refugee Council

Refugee Council is one of the hardest working charities for immigrants and asylum seekers in the UK. They believe that the UK asylum system is too complex and difficult to navigate. With the difficulties of the system, most are left without the necessary documentation for accessing housing and support.

The campaign is to create a system that works fairly and directly with people as they arrive in the UK.

These charities all strive for a fairer system to work with refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.