New Step For African Community

Call to action

WE are inviting everyone to join the New Step for African Community to contribute actively by committing generously towards our work. Let us make NESTAC and our affiliated Associates truly representative and dynamic instruments for our development as individuals, families and community as a whole.

NESTAC will implement more projects by organizing many events and activities throughout the year. We count immensely on your unflinching support as members, benefactors and funders or individuals in achieving goals that are mutually beneficial to all of us.

NESTAC stands to provide opportunities for all of us to work support and motivate one another towards one golden goal! Our unique common destiny as Africans and citizens of the World!

NESTAC in the community

  • 3321 members registered from across Greater Manchester and the North West, making us one of the main African Community Organisations in the region.
  • 24 languages represented amongst members (African languages and dialects, as well as other BME languages including Urdu, Punjabi, Farsi, Arabic and Mandarin). Part of our fundraising, we are running a project called "EAR", offering services of interpretation and translation specialised in Afriocan languages.
  • Offering well attended and very diverse cultural training to members of the whole community.
  • Our African Cultural Awareness (ACA Project) is raising awareness of the African culture through various activities, promoting the continent to the entire community (engaged with schools, college, university, agencies).
  • Our services are highly demanded, leading to partnership work with local and governmental agencies, the voluntary sector, churches and health department across Greater Manchester.