New Step For African Community

About Us

  • We are a registered charity based in the Greater Manchester area - Rochdale - UK.
  • We represent one of the largest African Community organisations in the Greater Manchester.
  • We provide a wide range of services to assist the North West's African population since 2004
  • We encourage Community cohesion through the promotion of African culture, providing a wide range of cultural awareness workshops and cultural events.
  • We offer a range of free services and support to the entire community: education, health workshops, sports, cultural and social activities.
  • Our services meet the needs of men and women in the community aged 0-100.
  • We are specialised in running African Cultural Awareness projects, and provide translation services in more than 15 African languages, including French, Portuguese and Swahili.
  • We are a Drop-In point for community members.
  • Our volunteering scheme represents a cultural diversity covering all ethnicities.
  • We help approximately 100 service users every week.
  • Our clients: Refugees, Asylum seekers, new migrants, and members of the community as a whole.