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Hair braiding - Basic training pack

Course Description
  • This course is designed to get you on your way to being a hair artist or loctitian. Join this class to learn how to create the hairstyles that you can see on television and in movies. Cornrows, hair weaves, extensions, and dreadlocks have crossed the cultures and are taking off like wildfire.
  • This course is also good for new parents of children of African descent who have no experience with it, or home health care providers and volunteers who take care of people with African background.
  • You might make some extra cash doing the hair of your family and friends, and if you are already a beautician, this will mean even more profits. Although it focusses on African hairstyles, it also covers creating cornrows and dreadlocks in all hair textures of all ethnicities. Unlike other schools, here you'll be learning in an easy to read environment and from instructors with over 20 years of experience working with a variety of hair types.
So sign up and register today!

You have 3 months to finish each level of the course, and the instructors will also monitor your progress throughout the class and assess your level of work at course completion.
NESTAC Academy offers many wonderful learning tools to help you get the most out of your course, including a portfolio service that manages all your course completions.

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Availability: Evening Courses only. 2 days per week. 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm.
Course Fee: Students of the beginning course come from many backgrounds and have different needs.
It is written for the casual learner/family braider or cosmetologist who just wants to add to their existing skills, free of charge.
If after completion of Beginning African Hairstyles students wish to take Advanced African Hairstyles, the course will be free of charge for those unemployed, on low income, needing a new career, or looking to become self-employer. There will be course fee for people generating income, and other professionals. A basic fee will be asked for the beginning course.

Educational Requirements: No prior courses necessary, but reasonable manual dexterity and the ability to follow instructions, and some experience doing hair is suggested. If you can comb your own hair, or braid three pieces of string, you should be okay.
Goals: To give to people who are aspiring to be loctitians or hair artists a good start, and to provide a way for them to ask someone experienced questions in a professional environment.
Reading Materials: Handouts will be provided for free. Video tapes and DVDs will be used for learning purpose, while students will be encouraged to use libraries and search for information on the internet.
Grading Policy: Certificates awarded by ABC Academy will vary and are based upon student merit (participation in the forums, attendance, assignments, and completion of the course).

Optional Certificates Awarded
  1. Certificate of Attendance
  2. Certificate of Class Participation
  3. Certificate of Appreciation
  4. Certificate of Merit
  5. Certificate of Academic Excellence
Required Equipment:(Will be provided by ABC Academy).
  • Basic hair care supplies including barrettes, hairpins, etc.
  • A person to practice on (or yourself if you like) or a beauty student head or one of those large doll heads on a stand that can be bought at a toy store or a baby doll with a healthy head of hair.
  • A packet of bulk hair for braiding or a weft of hair for weaving.